In Minecraft Earth all the items you collect have a rarity level – This determines how often you are going to come across the item on your travels.

There are currently 5 rarity levels in the game:

  • Common – Grey
  • Uncommon – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Gold

Common – Epic can be found in Tappables while Legendary currently only come from Adventures or Crafting.

Tappables that are displayed on the map also have a rarity. You can see this rarity color shown on CrafterVision – This indicates what the highest rarity is in the tappable. 

The best tappables to go for to get rare items from are the purple Epic tappables.

Looking for that rare mob?

Their are a lot of mobs in Minecraft Earth that you can only find in Minecraft Earth. These mobs are rare and have different rarities based on how rare.

Muddy Pig

The Muddy Pig is the first rare mob spotted in Minecraft Earth and is a purple rarity (Epic)



Cluckshroom is a chicken/mooshroom variant and has a rarity level of Blue (Rare)



The Moobloom is a buttercup variant of the Mooshroom Cow has a rarity level of Blue (rare)


Horned Sheep

The horned sheep (some would call it a Ram) is a sheep with horns and has a purple rarity level (Epic)


Jumbo Rabbit

The Jumbo Rabbit is just what it describes itself as, a quite large rabbit. It has a rarity level of Green (Uncommon)


Wooly Cow

The Wooly Cow is a cow with wool (also known as Highland Cattle) rarity is currently unknown.


Some of these mobs have not yet been spotted in the game but we hope to see them soon.

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