Minecraft Earth 0.5.0 – Early access was released today. This version of the game brings a number of improvements and tweaks to the game. Early access is available for users in Iceland and New Zealand – the first two countries to get early access.


With this version, we see the official release of the long-awaited adventure feature. This allows you to complete tasks with friends to get rewarded special items. Adventures are shown on the map with a light beam emitting from the tappable.


Types of adventures

Adventures come in three types. Hostile, Mystery or Peaceful and these are indicated by the following icons.

These adventures will also show whether they are pristine, explored or depleted. A pristine adventure will be new and have all the items, explored means other players have visited the adventure but items are still remaining and depleted mean all items are gone.
These adventures only appear to be appearing in Iceland and New Zealand. We have not yet spotted them in any of the Beta countries.

Other changes

Most other changes appear to be a bug fix and app optimisation update with a number of redundant files removed from the game.