Hello and welcome to Crafter Vision. The first Minecraft Earth Map in the world. Crafters Earth allows users to find where exactly Tappables are on a map and see what’s inside without having to open the Tappable in-game.

This is extremely helpful if you need a specific block but don’t want to go hunting for it outside.

How does it work?

Crafter Vision crowdsources data from around the world using various sources and populates it onto a map. Simply click one of the markers to see what is currently inside the tappable.

How do I use Crafter Vision?

To use CrafterVision simply load the map and click where you want to see data – Then click the “Search for Tappables” button. This may take a moment to populate data but you should start seeing data on the map soon.

How come I can’t see data where I searched?

If no data appears you may have searched in an area where no tappables are found or we have no crowdsourced data available. At certain times the map can become overloaded with requests and data may not show. We suggest trying again later.

Can I search anywhere?

As long as Minecraft Earth is available in the location you should be able to use the map to search for Tappables.

Help, I cannot see any Tappables

Sometimes when our servers are under high load we cannot serve Tappables to everyone. We suggest trying again later.