Minecraft Earth has been out in beta countries for over 3 months now and here’s our round-up of what we know about Minecraft Earth so far.

Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality game allowing you to hunt in the real world for Tappables. Tappables are items found on the map which contain blocks and other items which you can use to build Minecraft builds on a build plate (a small plot of land that you can build on)


Minecraft Earth has a number of mobs which can be found and placed on your build plate.



Minecraft Earth has lots of items that are available to collect and use on your build plate. As of writing here are all the items currently available in the game.



Challenges are tasks that you complete to get rewards. These have not been activated in the game yet but we have found texts which give us an insight into what these will consist of. We don’t know what users will be rewarded with for completing these challenges but it could consist of XP or Rubies.

  • New beginnings – Complete both Daily Challenges
  • Lets collect some stuff – Complete both Collection Challenges
  • Cluck Cluck – Collect 5 Chickens from Tappables
  • Its all about the blocks – Collect 5 Resource Tappables
  • Let’s build – Complete both Building Challenges
  • Just keep building – Spend 15 minutes building on a Buildplate
  • One more block – Place 25 Blocks of Cobblestone on a Buildplate
  • Into the week – Complete both Daily Challenges
  • Baaaaaaaa – Collect 5 Sheep from Tappables
  • Treasure time – Collect 5 Chests Tappables
  • Just keep building – Spend 15 minutes building on a Buildplate
  • Wooda coulda – Place 25 Oak Logs on a Buildplate
  • Hump day – Complete both Daily Challenges
  • Oink Oink – Collect 5 Pigs from Tappables
  • Never too much – Collect 25 Cobblestone
  • Just keep building – Spend 15 minutes building on a Buildplate
  • Glass houses – Place 5 Glass on a Buildplate
  • Over the Hump – Complete both Daily Challenges
  • Mooooo! – Collect 5 Cows from Tappables
  • Chop Chop – Collect 25 Oak Logs
  • Just keep building – Spend 15 minutes building on a Buildplate
  • Fence it in
    Place 5 Wooden Fence on a Buildplate
  • Its Friday! – Complete both Daily Challenges
  • On the Farm – Collect 5 Mobs from Tappables
  • Its Epic – Collect 3 Epic Tappables
  • Just keep building – Spend 15 minutes building on a Buildplate
  • Let there be light – Place 5 Torches on a Buildplate
  • Its the Weekend – Complete both Daily Challenges
  • Flower Pot Head – Collect a Muddy Pig from Tappables
  • Choo Choo – Collect 5 Rail from Tappables
  • Just keep building – Spend 15 minutes building on a Buildplate
  • Build away – Place 50 blocks on a Buildplate
  • Sunday Funday – Complete both Daily Challenges
  • Floral Mooooo – Collect a Moobloom from Tappables
  • Tap Tap Tap – Collect 10 Tappables
  • Just keep building – Spend 15 minutes building on a Buildplate
  • Wooden it be nice – Place 25 Wooden Planks on a Buildplate
  • We have a new Challenger – Complete 5 Daily Challenges
  • Like clockwork – Play every day this week
  • Tap tap away – Collect 150 Tappables
  • Petting Zoo – Collect 50 Mobs
  • Building your dream – Spend 2 hours building on Buildplates
  • Build to the sky – Place 150 blocks on Buildplates
  • Power House – Collect 10000XP
  • Treasure time – Collect 50 Chests
  • Moooo! – Collect 30 Cows
  • Multibuild – Build on two different Buildplates
  • Stonewalled – Place 150 Cobblestone on Buildplates
  • Chop Chop – Collect 50 Tree Tappables
  • Oink! – Collect 30 Pigs
  • House of sticks – Place 150 Wood on Buildplates
  • Rock Breaker – Collect 50 Stone Tappables
  • Baaaa! – Collect 30 Sheep
  • Building a Farm – Place 20 Mobs on Buildplates
  • Level up – Reach Level 3
  • Collect 10 Tappables – Collect 10 Tappables from the Map
  • Reach Level 3 – Collect Tappables until you reach level 3
  • Crafting the basics: Wood Planks – Collect 10 Wood and Craft Wooden Planks
  • Collect 3 Wood – Collect 10 Wood from Tappables or Adventures
  • Craft 12 Oak Planks – Craft 10 Wood into 40 Wooden Planks
  • Crafting the basics: Doors – Collect Wood and Craft Oak Doors
  • Collect 2 Wood – Collect 2 Wood from Tappables or Adventures
  • Craft 8 Oak Planks – Craft 2 Wood into 8 Oak Planks
  • Craft 3 Oak Doors – Craft 6 Oak Planks into 3 Oak Doors



Adventures are little mini tasks that you complete with or without friends. These spawn in the real world the same as Tappables but with a big light beam coming from them. Users will join the adventure and complete them by mining blogs, fighting off mobs or completing a puzzle. All items collected in adventures are collected by all players in the adventure.

Adventures come in 3 types hostile, mystery or peaceful. Each adventure has different challenges or tasks to complete.

Crafting & Smelting

Crafting and Smelting work a little differently in Minecraft Earth than in normal Minecraft. You have access to these via a menu and you have pre-set recipes that take an amount of time to complete. The rarer the item the longer it will take to Craft/Smelt. We have seen indications that a currency will be used to speed these up or to unlock more slots to Craft/Smelt in but this has yet to be seen in-game. 


Rubies are the currency in Minecraft Earth. You can use rubies to buy build plates currently – We expect these to become more useful in future. In the texts, we have seen reference to Rubies being used for speeding up the crafting, smelting time.

  • Grassy Pasture – 8×8 Plate – 75 Rubies
  • Where the chickens go – 8×8 Plate – 75 Rubies
  • Tiny Waterfall Ahoy – 16×16 Plate – 225 Rubies
  • Lone Sheep Road – 16×16 Plate – 225 Rubies
  • Terrace Lookout – 8×8 Plate – 100 Rubies
  • There’s a Dock! – 16×16 Plate – 300 Rubies
  • Sleepy Village – 16×16 Plate – 375 Rubies

Dressing Room

The Minecraft Earth Dressing Room is the way you can customise your Minecraft Earth skin. You can purchase upgraded clothing, hair, accessories etc to make your character even more unique. We expect to see these earnable in-game also but this feature is in its early stages – We hope to learn more about it soon.